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"Where Failure is not an option"


"Where Failure is not an Option"
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DJ Entertainment

Rafferty Enterprises LLC entertains around the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. We specialize in Sweet 16’s, School Dances, Fundraisers, and more!

Theatre Productions

We specialize in the technical side of theatre. We take on the positions of Sound Engineer, Lighting Technician, and Technical Director. We will run your show from start to finish and tackle any production thrown at us.


Have mastered the industry standard programs in Design and Video Production: The Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, Vectorworks, Cuelab, and M7CL sound application.

About Me

Colin J. Rafferty

"Colin has demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership through his involvement in stage crew and all related drama activities. Since his freshman year, Colin has displayed professionalism that would commonly be seen by designers working in professional theaters. Whether running the soundboard, hanging and programming complicated lighting tools, or brightening someone’s day with his contagious smile and jokes, we are confident that Colin will continue to grow in both his leadership and his craft. " Michael Smith

My work ethic, dedication, and passion show how much I love and support the arts. In my early years, I was always into technology and my knowledge grew from the start of my education in the Delran School District.

Back in 8th Grade a fellow DJ and good friend of mine that was a senior at the time, informed me that the high school needed a new sound engineer. His awareness of my ability and interest in technology and sound encourged me to tackle the job of sound engineering at Delran High School. Fast toward 4 years, I'm the sound and lighting engineer at Delran High School and employed for Standing Ovation Theatre company as the Sound and Lighting Engineer and the Assistant Technical Director for the past two years and more company's in the future.

In addition, In 2007 one of my uncle's dearest friends was a DJ at a wedding I attended. I was introduced into the technology by him which got me going as DJ. Every year was a big step up into this industry, and now in 2016 I have State of the art equipment and improved my expertise in DJ Entertainment.

My other skills were just extra building blocks to get where I am now. With out my Family, Friends, and Teachers, I wouldn't know where I would be. I appreciate your time and always willing to talk. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your time,

Colin J. Rafferty


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